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be Mindful.   breath & Move on your MAT. 

            live Meaningfully.  be Motivated.  Make the effort.

                                                 find Your YOGA at simply YOGA.


“Yesterday  I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise, so I am changing MYSELF”.  – Rumi

Bidding Adieu…such sweet sorrow.

                      Join Robyn for a farewell practice.

                                     …followed with tea and snacks,

                                                                    laughs and hugs.

lWARM FLOW & YIN with Robyn – TBD


Warm Flow & Yin is a sweet blend of flow and yin. About half of class is an invigorating flow linking conscious breath with movement to build strength and flexibility, while challenging your balance and concentration. The other half of class finds you down on the mat holding yin poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored tension. Leave feeling rejuvenated and peaceful.  The two styles together are amazingly transformative.

YOGA Rates 

 Unlimited YOGA – $50/month 

$12/single visit



Namaste y'all